"We want our minds to be clear - not so we can think clearly, but so we can be open in our perceptions."
- M.C. Richards


You have stayed with me in all my pain through to the other side
-Former Client

It has been a great help to be able to bring in all of my ideas to our meetings.  Saying them out loud to someone who doesn’t judge me has helped me make some very important choices.
-Former Client

I felt heard and respected.  For most people it has been difficult to hear and get my emotional and psychical pain.  You don’t turn away from pain.
-Health Consultant, Former Client

Patricia and I met eight years ago as I was going through a particularly troubling time.  I had just moved to the Bay area and I was suffering from chemical dependency.  At a time that I felt so alone and vulnerable, Patricia helped me feel at ease.  She assisted me in learning a new role in family, society and life.  She also helped me find my own spiritual life that has been a crucial part of my recovery.  I have been clean now for some time and still visit her for a session from time to time.

I referred to Patricia someone who was new to the psychotherapy process because of her soft nurturing qualities.  It would be safe to develop a relational experience with Patricia.  I trust that my referrals would be well cared for.
-Psychotherapist, Berkeley